Bob Humphrey has been with Graham Real Estate for over 20 years and has been in the industry for 30+ years. He started in real estate when Lloyd Peterson took notice of his ability to catch a good deal on a property.

Born in Wyoming, Bob was “graised” in the mountain ranges in Montana and Colorado. Outside of real estate, Bob enjoys rocking out to music, scuba diving, flying planes, boating, spending time with his family and serving on the Blissfest Board. You can also catch Bob piling papers on his desk, surfing Craigslist, gardening unique plants, collecting “junk” from all over the world, or zipping around in his Prius managing his multiple rental properties.

Bob enjoys finding unique real estate investments and connect buyers with great opportunities. His experience in the rental and investment aspects of real estate make him remarkably qualified for sales of a number of properties types.